My Diary by Marcia B.

My diary is super cool and super top-secret! Shh... don't tell!


Today we went to church. Maude wasn’t there but Carlos, Keith, and Kate were. Maude’s on vacation. It was communion. It is Tracy’s birthday and we all went to see Paul Newman in “Drowing Pool”. It was good. Paul Newman is great. He’s got such beautiful blue eyes.
I got great news! My bust is 28”. My waist is 25” and my hips 28”. So my bust is as big as Cher’s! Hurrah! At least I am getting somewhere! I STILL SAY EAT YOUR HEART OUT RAQUEL WELCH!

A new beautiful sweater!

Today we played with Laurie. We went to Child’s Wardrobe and I got a beautiful new white sweater. I just love it. Laurie helped me pick it out. Jan, Laurie, and me got a picture of Doug. We asked him to sign it and all he put was To Marcia, Love Doug.

Bass Lake

We got up early this morning and left the motel. We heard about Bass Lake so we decided to go swimming there. Well we got a spot where there was nobody and went swimming around. In the deep too. It was loads of fun. After awhile we left and came home. We watched a movie. It was good. Went to bed at 9:30.

Safari World

We left for Safari World and found out it wasn’t open! It hadn’t been open for 1 ½ years. Later we went swimming in the pool that was at a motel. Christina a little girl (7 yrs) went too! She’s been with us all day! Well! She even came to our door tonight we went swimming with her tonight. Her brothers are not good looking. Oh shoot! Well, I was hoping.

Keith knows!

We played with Laurie and Tracy. This morning I talked to Tracy for about an hour. Later L & T came down. They came down after dinner and Keith and Carlos came over. Carlos called me over and asked me to go get Jan’s necklace (you know the one that says I Belong to Carlos). I said to guess what name was on it he said Doug I said no and then he blurted out me! I giggled and then said I Belong to. So then Carlos knew. Keith knows!! What mine says! He did some interesting stuff to me like picking me up. WOW! WOW! WOW!


Took Cindy to see Bambi. Later I went down to show Laurie and Tracy how my permanent came out. I think my permanent CAME OUT GREAT! They thought it looked good.

My Permanent

I got a permanent today. Laurie and Tracy came down to watch me get it. After dinner they came down. Laurie brought her yearbook. We saw Brenda Smith. She is so pretty! She was the teen-ager I always admire. I didn’t even KNOW THAT!

Tracy was SO FRIENDLY!

Didn’t see Keith.

Have a Happy Day Kido!


We went to church. So did the boys and Maude. We found out that Doug went out oh a date! (Ya know, last night he looked so fancy)!! With a gal named Brenda Smith. Later Bucky (Carlos) helped us wash the car. Keith came down for a minute. As he was going back he said to me “Hi Beautiful!” “Oops it’s Marcia!!” Ya know Keith (the one I love so dearly). Later we went to see “Return of the Pink Panther”. It was really funny! Peter Sellers was in it!

Doug!! Wow!!

Today we went shopping with Dad. When we got home we went outside& played Frisbee and stuff with Dad. Cindy and Mom were outside too! Then Laurie came down. After dinner Laurie came down and we saw Doug mind you Doug coming out of the house all dressed up looking absolutely GROOVY!!!

After awhile Dad came out and played Frisbee with us (Marcia, Laurie, Jan). Later Tracy came down. Laurie wasn’t too happy. Laurie was very friendly with me. They might take Velma to Tahoe with them. OH SHOOT! That means all Keith will have on his mind during vacation is VELMA! VELMA! All I will have on my mind during my vacation is KEITH! KEITH! KEITH!

POW! 4th of July

We went to Grandmother’s for the 4th of July and had a barbecue. It was so cold to go swimming that I jumped in and stayed a few minutes then jumped out. After awhile we went home. Then we watched TV and slept in the front room.

Sorry there wasn’t much to say!



Sorry I haven’t the time to write but fun day!!

Sunvalley is NEATO!!

Got a sign for my room saying This Room Rated X

Keith put his arm around ME!

We played with Tracy. We (I) got a picture of Carlos, so did Jan, and I got a picture of Doug. After dinner, we played with Laurie and Tracy. We were down at Laurie’s house till 9:30 pm. Laurie showed me a picture of a boy that she got. It’s just between the two of us (TOLD JAN AND MOM BUT THEY CAN KEEP IT A SECRET). Later we started to walk home. Keith came down with us and put his arm around me!!! Tracy, Jan, and Laurie ran off. And Keith had his arm around me walking me down the street in the dark. I was so imbarassed and scared and nervious but joyful!!! In the middle he said I’m just kidding, he would have walked me the whole way but I was so nervious I just said bye and ran off. If we had walked the whole way I would have kissed him on the cheek and thanked him for walking me HOME!!


The Fair was really fun. I tried and tried to get a “big” stuff animal for Laurie but I didn’t. Went on a whole bunch of rides. I even got a necklace saying Love is Keith and Marcia and Laurie got the same only saying Doug and Laurie, Jan got one saying I belong to Carlos. All the names were engraved. Tracy just got a pair of earrings. Later we saw Laurie and Tracy. Laurie and I showed Carlos our necklaces. Jan didn’t.


{we bought patches (you know, the kind you sew on clothes) for Carlos, Doug, and Keith- Carlos’s said Mexico is for Lovers, Doug’s said Ford Mustang, and Keith’s said US Male. YAY! FUN!

K.A. Partridge

Today we played with Laurie. Tracy rushed her bird down to the vet because she was trimming it’s toenails and it started to bleed. When she came home we (Mom, Marcia, Jan, Cindy, and Laurie) went to see how the bird was. Everyone was going to go get a Slurpee and Keith picked me up and was carrying me around his house (IN THE FRONT ROOM). Later he said something about him and his girlfriend (ME)!!!!!!!


We haven’t missed Rhoda once this summer! Oh well there is always a time! Fair tomorrow!

PS: Later Mom changed her mind and we got to see it

My bust is getting big bigger bigger bigger!! Love life is TERRIBLE!!!
Marcia loves?…maybe Keith!

We went to church. Tracy, Keith, and Carlos went too. So did Maude. Later we went to the Plaza with Keith, Laurie, and Tracy, there was a big sale! We went in Woolworths and made these things, little charms that said Marcia Loves Keith, Jan Loves Carlos, Tracy Loves Carlos, Laurie Loves Doug and Vica Versa.

We went bicycle riding. It was fun! I saw Jeff Nolte riding his bike. I saw Thea and Gayle too. When we came home we had dinner then we played with Laurie. Didn’t see Keith at all and Doug is away “back-packing”

Later that night we played keep away. All the boys went after Velma. She came down with Tracy.

PS: We are taking Carlos to the lake! We are going to the Fair! We are going to win a big animal at the fair for Laurie. Oh boy, I hope we do!

PSSS: Keith started to get out of the car and said it was too crowded (PLAZA), lets come back later, the to of us, Keith and ME!


Doug Simpson

Laurie, Jan, and I were talking about boys. Here are some of the things.

Scale of one to 10

Carlos- 8 (Marcia and Laurie), 10 (Jan)
Doug- 5 (Jan), 10 (Marcia and Laurie)

Carlos- 10 (Marcia, Jan, and Laurie)
Doug- 6 ½ (Laurie), 8 ½ (Marcia and Jan)
Later we talked to Carlos and Mike Pamplono. Keith came by, wondered if we could play cards. MIKE IS A BRAT!!! Doug is so neat! Cute! Lovable!


Let sunshine stream through your window EVERY DAY!

Hymm! Fairyland!

We went to Fairyland today. It was fun. Bobby went down slides, through mazes, and ran all around. After we got home we went to Serb’s for dinner. Well, Lunch-Dinner. After we got home we played MONOPOLY!!! It’s so fun! Dan, Jan, Peter and I played til 10 last night. I will probably play Monopoly all summer! I will probably play with Laurie all summer too!

PS: didn’t see Keith or Doug. Maybe I will see them tomorrow!

PSSSSS: hope I see both tomorrow!

Fun with Mickey!

Today Mickey came over. I met her at the schoolyard, then we walked to Safeway, got some things Mom wanted, then walked home. When we got home we went out in the backyard. Mickey and me climbed the tree! I got stuck! Finally got down! Then we walked to Foster Freeze, ate lunch, then came home. Jan went with us. On the way home, we saw Laurie. She stood there and talked to us for awhile. She’s going to call us tomorrow and Mickey is going to call me too! Mickey’s bustline looks just like mine. Small, and pimpily!!! We might go somewhere tomorrow so I might not even get to play with either of them. It would be fun going somewhere with the family! Saw Doug today. Not Keith! Who do I like more? I DON’T KNOW! Doug is so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO CUTE!


Tears in my eyes.

We went to 7-Eleven with Laurie then came home. We went to Safeway with Mom and I got into an arguement with Jan and got into trouble- went stomping off to the car! Got in a fight but it's over. Been getting in terrible fights. Mom has been sad all night, I feel like SOBBING! Not to change the subject, but here is a verse I made up:

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
I love Doug
Hope he loves me too!

Bye for now! Marcia

PS: I am not as in love with Keith as I was.
More FUN!

Took little cousin Oliver to a marionette show. I thought it was really super, except for one part. That part was dirty and cheap!

Today Mickey called. She called me yesterday and today. I am going to play with her the day after tomorrow. M I C K E Y J O N E S (in tune to Mickey Mouse song).

Played with Laurie. Saw Doug. He's getting cuter everyday. I sure do love him! He turns me on! And if you will recall I said a while ago that he would not be a good boyfriend! I say stuff I don't even mean!

Country cousin still visiting, with heavy suitcases!

ps: no sign of Keith!

A Regular DAY

We went to church. Tracy and Keith went. Tracy was jabber jabber jabber! Then we went to the show. Mom, Tracy, Laurie, Jan, and me liked it. It was a Streisand movie called "On a Clear Day You Can See Forever." That night we played volleyball with Keith and Laurie. Then Tracy came over and then she left. After awhile Carlos came over. We were having a great time. Keith was grabbing me and tickling me! He's so cute! Carlos hit me once. IT HURT. Hope he never does that again. Later the "fun" was over. Bye for now- Marcia (THE GREAT)

PS: Keith dumped Kool-Aid all over my head!

I was planning on going to the pool tomorrow but my country cousin came for a visit so I think I will stay home. Shoot!
Keith’s Birthday
We played with Laurie again! It’s Keith’s birthday! We were talking to Keith & Doug & Charley. Mostly Charley. Keith doesn’t like me and I guess I could say I don’t like him much. I mean boyfriend and GIRLFRIEND!!!! We are just friends. Tracy still isn't playing with us but you KNOW TRACY! THE MOOD OF THE YEAR! Laurie is being real mean to Jan. She wouldn't share her secrets. I'm getting MAD with Laurie. Even though she's my best friend.

Doug is getting cute. Wish he could give me a motorcycle ride. I would even settle for him to take me to the Pizza Parlor in his car! Mom said if he offered to take me to get a pizza I could go- but NOT DATING!

Neat outfit today, my bust is getting there. EAT YOUR HEART OUT RAQUEL WELCH!
Have a happy day! Keith’s birthday
JJ TOMORROW! 6/20/75
A Tipical Friday!
We played with Laurie today. We went to Orange Julius first and then came home. Tracy still is in her 13 yr. old mood! Snotty! Snotty! Snotty! Tracy you are going through a bad moody year! We talked to Charley and Keith came down to get Laurie to give him a ride to work. He flashed me one of his smiles. At least I’m getting somewhere! Mom & Dad went to see “JAWS”! They said it was real gory and bloody. I’m NOT GOING TO SEE IT! ! ! ! I would rather see a romantic love story like “The Way we Were”! ! That was very romantic! Redford and Streisand make a good couple!

P.S. Yesterday when we were talking to Doug and Charley... Doug left. Found out he went to HEATHER’S! THE BRAT!
Maybe someone loves me!
We played with Laurie today. After dinner we went outside (Laurie, Jan & Marcia) and started talking to him (Charley). He showed us a dusty old car that he was going to fix up and sell. The car was so dusty you could write all over it and Laurie wrote Charley + and started to think and he said Marcia. At least they (Laurie and Jan) said he did. So Laurie wrote all over the car Charley + Marcia. She even had a dream that we were going together the night before, (END OF DREAM) Then Doug came over (to Charley’s house). He and he only was going to give me a ride on Charley’s motorcycle. Not Charley’s but his family’s. But the battery was bad and Mom said NO! Keith is still glum and I’m still JUST A FRIEND! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Marine World
We (Greg, Peter, Bobby, Jan, Cindy, Mom, Dad, Alice, Sam and ME) went to Marine World. It was lots of fun. I had a comedy picture drawn of me. I was ballet dancing saying this:

Don’t laugh Mom everyone knows I take after you

Everyone was watching (I)! was so embarrassed! ! ! ! It turned out funny! After Marine World we went out to dinner. Then we came home.
P.S. Weather was terrible! ! ! Cold, rainy (drizzling not that bad) and windy! OH POO! But it was fun anyway.
Joy at Last!
Well I played with Laurie today! Keith had gone to San Francisco and wouldn’t be back for awhile. Well we (Marcia and Jan) played with Laurie after dinner and we went to pick Keith up from the bart station! I was so quiet! He reached back and tried to grab me once but only once and then didn’t pay any attention to me! We went to pick up Tracy from her friends house and saw George (Jan’s boyfriend). It was his sister who was playing with Tracy. Keith was teasing her taking her cup and I think Keith likes to tease girls! I don’t think I’m special! Just a friend. Saw him later that night but he didn’t pay any attention to me! Maybe it’s because I am so shy around him now. WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH ME? I love him SO BADLY! He’s so cute & dear & precious to me! BUT NOT VICA VERSA! I don’t say much to him and maybe he figures I don’t like him anymore. That could be it! I should pay more attention to him so he knows I love him! So very very much! We weren’t meant to be!
Another day!

Well I got some high heels! Whoopee! Mom didn’t like them being so high but we had a talk and settled everything! Saw Laurie and tracy at the store we are going to play with them tomorrow!
Hope tomorrow is A BEAUTIFUL DAY!
I’m so sick of ugly, gloomy days! Don’t forget sun it’s SUMMER

I miss Keith!

Balls of fun wrapped up in ONE!

Today was fun! First we went to church and then to the movies! We saw “Eiger Sanction” and “Breakout” for the 2 time. They were good movies! “Breakout” is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen! Charles Bronson is so cute! “Eiger Sanction” was kind of long and drawn out! It was okay. It was rated R! Wow 2 R movies, “The New Centurions” and “Eiger Sanction”! What a record! No sign of Keith! Oh poo! I am beginning to get impatient! I want to see him! BAD!
Have fun this summer!

Fun with L & T

Laurie and Tracy came down today. We had fun until Tracy went into one of her “MOODS”. Well we have all summer to put up with Tracy’s moods. Keith had to work! Didn’t even see him! I want to see him so badly I need a boyfriend to make me happy! I want some boy to like me really badly and for me to like them. Hope “THE BOY” is Keith (THE GREAT). I should try to find a boy to like me, but I’m afraid if I find another boy that Keith will still like me! I can’t make up my mind! I want Keith to like me and pay attention to me but he “DOESN’T!” “WHY?” “WHO KNOWS?”
Yay! School is gone!

School is out! I’m so glad! I had kids sign my autograph book. 3 boys I had sign it- Lamont, Brett, Brian. Mushy XXOO Brian put. 6/13/75 Keith doesn’t like me any more! For a friend I guess but that is all! I am HEARTBROKEN! Jan says he does too like you but we went over to Laurie’s house and he didn’t say one word to me! Oh poo! I will try to find someone else. Wish me luck. I am pretty sure he doesn’t like me but if he does I’ll keep him as my boyfriend! I won’t try for Charley or Doug! Charley is my friend and that’s all he is! Doug gets into too much trouble! Besides he would NOT be a good boyfriend! I still love Keith and he will always be my first choice! Except when I marry if I don’t marry him! Hope I do!
Almost Summer!

This is the second to last day of school! It’s almost summer vacation! School was okay. My newest crush on boys is Richard. He’s so cute! He has been sitting in front of me (our desks are now in rows) and teasing me! I think he is so darling! Of course, Keith is my favorite! Here is my boy list!

Best Keith
Next Richard
Next Matt
- Ronnie
- Doug (Simpson)

My friends (in order)
Elaine (then Tracy)